Reincarnation New Mission en el CAIRO

Freitag, 8. März 2013


Ein Neuer Auftrag in Cairo mit Ramses Erneuerer der Geburt: shooting| Dreharbeiten im Hilton Nile , bei den ISIS-rebel-girls vor den Toren Kairos  BUCH
Cynthia ALL- MORGIANA        of arabian nights "ali baba + the 40 thieves" . Reborn as arabic translater  in munich germany as CYNTHIA ALL in Munich is heading out for Cairo. .. accompanies Angela Barbars filmcrew to Cairo. age 28..long blackblue hair  She is a on occasion translater and works as reporter.  speaks arab perfect. ... is reborn slave MORGIANA    of 900 b.c. times of the Abasids ... remote arab. .” advancing with much grace and propriety of deportment…performing them with the ease and facility …she assembled a flower in spring around her hair was located a net of pearls…embellised her neck with coralls and hyacints like two pomegranates arched her bossom beneath"
RAMSES.     20 year old legendary young Pharao of 1300 b.c. ravishingly pretty .. today lives as homeless rebell in Cairo.. beeing nauseated at every thought of power. he traces Cynthia up. after love night, introduces her to circle of stigmatized
ISISGIRLs     with  ringleader * FATIMA  in charge of fiery advocate of eastern heir, perform actions in metropolis
FATIMA   ringleader of the ISISgirls , they operate far behind the gates of Cairo in desert tent..
film crew checks in at Hilton Nile
EVA  POL   head reporter of western tabloid Magazin,  accentuated checkbones , diplomatic behave... performs main actress in epic women lib drama of director ANGELA BARBAR.   
ANGELA BARBAR      filmdirector from munich , she is the wife of the renown and prize winner ADOLF BARBAR who shots Jesus drama in Beirut amidst civil war . Her film is financed by the bathroom industry. Angela suffers from imaginated chokeholds of mother.
Andrea Schnitt    Evas secretary ,  big bossom, devoted to adventure
Piet   Angelas Lover age 23 former archer youth under Ramses
 Ernst  Hausmer   famous prizewinning director of fotographie  overconscious of outfit -zealous  professional     
     walter mautz    prestigious actor and womanizer, entertaining team with cultural wisdoms… in glittering harempants with naked torso..stomped to nocturnal pool , flanked by Jesus Khaled Erwin , with Cobra basket and right hand moving palm brench up and down . “ lately I had to moan about interference in my virility... when I saw EVA moved up again.” He confidentaly admitted to Erwin.  „ believe me „ he conducted Jesus hand to his genitals …..     
jesus erwin DELL   young german actor , lowbrow and rebellious, senses international breakthrough. Jesus fled from war film set in Beirut to Cairo, where he is employed as Cobraboy “ this garment fits better than pattern of  Thorns Crown… don´t you agree?” Walter acclaimed full voice . “ they perform a heavy duty with Jesus  ...the pigs have made him a wallstreet banker ..” Jesus Erwin intermangled, hunted by trauma …”my dear Dell “  Mautz blurred out “ the new image as Cobraboy will help you forget the gruesome traumas down under from Beirut…”
MarY        young german actress  crybaby hysterical queen –yearning for  close ups and prime shoots …Mary fled from disaster shooting amidst civil war Beirut .. employed in cairo as haremgirl “ you´ve got a top scene as Holy Mary the benedictory in garment of haremgirl “ rumbled Mister Mautz  “  Eternal Glory to reached out hand to us in the swimming pool, saved us like St.Petri his fishes .  “ he shouted to Mary crying in aggrieved silence .
young film talents Jesus and Mary  hide their fate and trauma with booze and "flood" of US Dollars.
Erwin Prell         east german spy camouflaged as actor..secret mission sound carriers ..starts race in Hilton Nile…” Mister Dell please resort yourself to the sound department, Henry needs precise instructions “  it shrilled down from the boomcrane ....
jost        sound assistence cool and openminded
Henry     sound master –tormented by sound
Count von Kumbald       runs bi-national fonds,  rule over emotions of worlds poorer regions ..coordinates western finance moguls... A-Moiana Project. ..due to a bombattack at Sheraton Hotel .. is blown up in the air
HENKERSDORF  film production manager plunges to mortal accident from minarett of Al Ashar ...sets filmcrew  in alarm ?? girlfriend Rosy short time after... navigates down the Nile....
 adolf barbar prize winning director+  spouse of Angela , neat appaerance ... shooting in Beirut Jesus Drama admidst  civil warfare....financed by two industrial nations  , commisioned propaganda spectacle
 AL ASHAR           the juction of remote controlled actions from the West.
 GENERAL SIAD    chief of the counterespionage, former pontiff high priest under Ramses, leads Egypts destiny General SIAD leads an army of archer youth to guide the fate of EGYPT. General SIAD in forgotten times was potiff under Ramses, he is  patriarch over seen world. guides the secret service
Omar                   Arbabian rebell of the …..tribe of…
embassy members  archer gunmen of forgotten times under Pharao –today in action with secret service + PIET angelas lover age,member of the embassy age 23, former archer youth
the stigmatized      reborn characters of the Eternal Creation –reunited at Hotel khan el khalili
Monsieur MOUSSA     watchguard of islamic faith-Ex-Moses guides filmshooting +naked biblical scene “expulsion out of paradise” –shoot in pool Hilton Nile- ..vigilate scenes to remain suitable to quaran standards. .... ...simultanously involved to  DDR (East German) spys on the filmset...and historical figures revealing their fate .
near TAHRIR place across BAZAR KHAN EL ALILI  situated univerity * AL ASHAR, is junction of remote controlled actions from the West.
Nagwa        young  girl , prospecting into  hot sun for something …admiring first poet of the beduoins “Magnum the Maniac “ wrote to his loved one LAILA “ I want to be your slave"  Nagwa was in melancholy about     “  time of the unconscoiousnes “  golden arabian age –was lost forever ….
FATIMA*       intellectual leader of the ISISgirls...coloured skirt, gay memorial of  multitask habits, red significated the rural tribe Bubak, green the Alids , black the Abasids , … epitah of daughter of profet Muhamma…her ISIS rebel girls group  scheduled multifaceted actions  for heritage of desert sons …
Holy Dung Beethe   The slave of beeing, reveals the fate of the world in a piece of dung, immortal reborn out of the tale from Arabian Nights ....shows up in new Heliopolis airport ……
    Sarah Schönfeld jewish US tourist, ex primordial mother Sarah  dressed in  tiger stockings     at desert oasis .. tormented by visions of Ausschwitz + Abraham …. among gauking camels she nods peacefully , drinks last drops of Coke smiles back to the Camels …..waiting for lover Semy arab rebel count.. rescues her from victim fate with steamy hot love in desert sand
hotel AL HUSSEIN       Tahrir place near KHAN-EL-KALILI BAZAR reveals " dimensions"  to a constant dream coming true....
SEMY         Bedouin  passionate zeal for liberty , flagstone  of black banners . unrefined arab, without religion , equiped by desert laws. Confirmed on oath in his fiercy and vital body quivered to stigma...
     laila       member of Isis-rebel-girls , her Idol is Poet Magnum the crazy
the BLIND     Master of the unseen world ...guides egypts fate
Jasmin           member of the ISISgirls
arab women      dressed in black
arab boys       dressed in neon coloured T-shirts
* Al Ashar : the blossom , ancestral university of natural and islamic science ,epith of Fatima
* Fatima        daughter of Prophet Mohamed 

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